August 16th thru Oct 20th, 2021 -
Water Polo Current Session / Can join anytime! 

Fees will be pro-rated for NEW MEMBERS! 

August 16th to Sept 10th
Monthly Swim Sessions 

Water Polo Club Number #892

POOLS ////

Seal Beach Community Pool
The Belmont Pool on Ocean Blvd, Long Beach 

Intro to Swim Team for NEW Members!
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Intro to Swim Team @ Seal Beach Community Pool
Days: M/W/F Fee: $85.00 4 weeks
Time: 5:30 to 6:15pm
Coach Kristin Barth Kredell
1698 Bolsa Ave Seal Beach Ca. 90740 Seal Beach Pool is located at J.H. McGaugh Elementary School off Bolsa Ave.
Swimmers must be able to swim using standard swim strokes,
50 meters (2 laps) under 2 minutes to join.
Must join 2021 USA Swim in addition to joining Shore or
have 2021 USA Water Polo Bronze level


Offering Splash to High School Boys Water Polo & Swim Program












SHORE Aquatics seeks to instill, promote, and maintain the great tradition of excellent aquatics in Long Beach by enhancing the lives of young athletes in spirit, body, and mind. The philosophy of SHORE Aquatics is built upon a foundation of personal responsibility, determination, and discipline.
All of our athletes are encouraged to respect and appreciate their teammates, coaches, families, and competitors and to discover their personal best as a representative of
Long Beach, both in and out of the water.

Long Beach SHORE Aquatics Club
is in honor of Klaus Barth.
The team is dedicated to Klaus Barth’s inspiration that he
brought to swimming and water polo in Long Beach.
Klaus was one of the pioneers that brought
outstanding swimming and water polo to the community.
We hope to carry his tradition on in
swimming and water polo excellence.
Long Beach SHORE Aquatics will forever keep
Klaus’s amazing spirit in our hearts.
Live Like Klaus is our inspiration here at SHORE Aquatics.

COVID-19 Guidelines

As regions begin to return to normalcy, our chief concern is maintaining the safety of our members and their families. It is important at this time to follow the guidelines set forth by your local government agency regarding social distancing.

Athletes or coaches indicating any type of symptoms (fever, coughing, nausea, or other symptoms outlined by the CDC) should be sent home immediately and not return until two weeks following their return to health.
Athletes with family members exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should quarantine for 14 days before attending practice, games, or other team functions. Individuals that have pre-existing conditions should carefully consider the risk of involvement at this time. Families traveling to regions in Phase I should not be attending any team function for 14 days after arriving home. Adequate signage in the locker rooms, spectator area, and throughout the facility is critical to remind all involved of the new procedures.

While the chlorine and bromine used in pools kill the virus, there are still plenty of surfaces that could potentially transmit the disease. Care should be taken to ensure pool staff is cleaning surfaces that are commonly touched before, during, and after practices and games. Athletes should be instructed not to touch fixtures or handles as much as possible and reminded to wash their hands after using the restroom or touching any surfaces. Whenever possible, athletes should change and shower at home.

Dryland Activity
Coaches should maintain adequate distances between athletes during any dryland or stretching routines.
Any instruction in front of whiteboards should maintain social distancing guidelines. If instructional time is necessary during practice, coaches should work with smaller groups to balance the ability to see the whiteboard, while maintaining the distance between athletes.

Water Activity
While water polo is a contact sport and social distancing is impossible when scrimmaging or playing games, much practice should be designed to keep athletes apart. With proper planning, many of the drills normally performed can be modified to make this happen without losing the value of the training. The swim team will be limited per swimmer to each lane line based on the CDC and County Requirements.

Parents and other spectators watching practice or games will normally fit the age bracket that represents a higher risk than the participants. Seating in the stands should follow CDC guidelines and enforcement of these expectations is the key to maintaining a healthy environment. No parents or spectators are allowed on the pool decks during practices for the safety of the athletes and the Shore coaching staff.

Captains/Team Leaders
Spending extra time with key athletes to instruct them on the new guidelines and empowering them to be examples for their peers will not only build character in these individuals but will encourage their teammates to follow the rules.

Incidental Contact
Long Beach Shore Aquatics coaches have designed a structure that is still fun, while at the same time decreasing the opportunity for unnecessary contact. For example, taking the time to examine normal drills and adjusting based around movement rather than congregating in lines. It may also require coaches to stagger entry times to practice and dismiss athletes in smaller groups. This will help reduce group size before and after a practice or a game, rather than standing in a large group, trading snacks, getting changed. It will also be important to recognize the need for contact with each other outside of the pool as you shorten the time they socialize before and after practice.

Implementing these rules may seem inconvenient and frustrating, if we all work together, we will be one step closer to eliminating all these restrictions.


Shore Aquatics continues to stay informed of the continued fluid changes surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on the club's practices.  Shore will be incorporating CDC,  state, local, and USA Water Polo guidelines to structure practices to maintain the safety and health of our players, coaches, and families. All families are required to familiarize themselves and follow the following COVID-19 Shore Aquatic Guidelines.


A. All athletes should be cleared before attending any practices and use the following 7 guided items to determine if they should attend;

1.   Athletes or coaches with any respiratory illness or any symptoms of illness (cold, sore, throat, cough, runny nose, etc.), fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours (with or without medicine), should not attend practices until all symptoms have subsided.
2.   Athletes with any severe allergies that increase exposure to mucous membranes (runny nose, frequent sneezing, coughing) should not attend practice.
3.   If any athlete or anyone they have been in direct contact with (direct family, friends, etc.) visited a medical facility (hospital, urgent care, emergency room, etc.) admitting or treating  COVID-19 patients should not attend the practice for a period of 14 days
4.    Athletes attending or participating in large group gatherings without precautionary measures should postpone attending practices for 14 days
5.   Athletes and direct family members exposed to anyone identified with COVID-19 are not permitted to attend practices for a period of 14 days and follow CDC guidelines for ending quarantine or isolation periods
6.   Athletes and direct family members pending or exposure to an individual pending a COVID-19 test exam should postpone attending practices until results are received
7.   Athletes and anyone in the home returning from a high-risk trip/travel to include a cruise, car travel to another state to participate in large gatherings or higher exposure risk activities, flight within, and outside of the U.S. should postpone attending practices for a period of 14 days

B. Any athlete or coach with a confirmed COVID-19 result, or confirmed direct exposure to someone
with COVID-19 and showing symptoms, will advise our office by calling or emailing one of the people
below so that Shore can instate a mitigation plan (e.g., advise all-athlete parents of possible exposure while maintaining athlete/family confidentiality). 

Contact 1: Director Chi Kredell / waterpolo@shoreaquatics.com
Contact 2: Admin Autumn Harryman / autumn@shoreauatics.com


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