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Men's & V Neck Women's
White T-Shirts /
$18.00 each 

$20.00 2021 Junior Olympic Shore Shirt 
Mens Small to 3XL
Women's Crew Neck Small to 2XL

$18.00 2021 JO Women's Tank
Limited Quanity

$60 Fleece Zipper 

Sweatshirt & Pant Set


Baseball Caps / Beanies
Solid Black or Trucker


Shore RED Gear Backpacks
$65.00 includes
Shore Logo

Shore Parka

TRU WEST Click Here

Water Polo Practice Caps
Set of 2 $37.00-Required

$35.00 (+2.50 for 2XL)
For Zipper

Fleece Pants
$25.00 (+2.00 for 2XL)

Swim Silicone Caps
$12.00 per cap /
Superior Texture

10/12/14/High School Ball
$32.00 - $37.00 Required

Shore Car Sticker or Patches
$5.00 car sticker /2 patches for $6 

SHORE 2021 FAB Speedo

SHORE Face Mask

CAS Link Click Here

CAS Link Click Here